Tapas in Espana


Barcelona, Spain

August 2012

A year ago this August I fell in love. With Spain. I had never been to Europe before and I am certain that I chose the best Country to awaken my taste buds. Tapas, tapas, tapas, nap, and more tapas. That how I felt life is lived in Spain. The people there are so relaxed and leisurely and almost every restaurant to eat is a beautiful outdoor patio on a cobblestone road. I am a fan of food and drinks on patios in the first place, but there are only a few months out of the year to enjoy that in Colorado. In Spain, their climate is more steady and warm than ours and you can find a nice outdoor patio almost everywhere you look. Tapas are the most common type of food to find throughout the country. Tapas just refers to small plates of foods, usually appetizers or snacks; not necessarily a whole meal. Friends go out and order several plates and everyone shares them. Most the items on a tapas menu are fried, but not all. You can order a plate of olives, or some fried calamari, or onion rings, or chicken fingers, or battered and fried squid, a plate of chorizo, a mixed cheese plate. The Spanish have become very creative with their tapas menu and I didn’t even get close to trying it all. Going out for tapas is a common thing that Spanish do with family or friends and you can get them any time of day. Each tapas plate cost anywhere from 3-5 Euros or about $4-7 USD. I would compare tapas to happy hour food menus here in the United States. If we were out and about exploring Barcelona and we felt hungry, we would just look for the closest patio and go have some tapas! Everyone should go experience some Spanish tapas once in their lifetime!

 travel bar

My friend and I stumbled upon this bar in Barcelona. You can get drinks and tapas here and it was a great place to meet other international visitors. The drinks in the picture were Sangria’s which are also very popular in Spain.

tapas food

One of the tapas experiences. Damm lemon is a tasty lemon shandy drink throughout Europe. I’ll be damned if I can’t find it in the USA 😉

spain patio

A perfect example of a perfect patio in Spain.

tapas menu

Tapas Menu


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